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  • Natural snack without additives:
    • Freeze-dried duck breast for pure enjoyment.
  • High-quality ingredients:
    • Made from 435g of fresh duck breast per 100g.
    • Preserves nutrients and flavour through freeze-drying.
  • Versatile applications:
    • Ideal as a pure snack, crunchy topper or for BARF nutrition.
    • Light and long-lasting – perfect for travelling and trips.
  • Easy to prepare:
    • Soaking in water allows it to return to its original shape.


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100% duck breast

Analytical constituents

Moisture: <0.5%, crude ash: 5.2%, crude protein: 90.9%, crude fat: 6.5%, crude fibre: 0.3%


Our freeze-dried duck breast is a natural snack with no additives. Made from 435g of fresh duck breast per 100g, freeze-drying preserves nutrients and flavour. With its long shelf life and very light weight, duck breast is also ideal for eating on-the-go, whether travelling or simply out walking. Our freeze-dried duck breast is ideal on its own as a snack, as a crunchy topper for the daily meal or for a BARF diet. Once added to water, the meat absorbs moisture and returns to its original shape. Healthy enjoyment for a happy four-legged friend!



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