RiNa KRILLKICK Megabar (Kopie)


39,67  / 1000 g

  • Vegan treat:
    • Outstanding alternative for special dietary requirements.
  • Main ingredient gluten-free wheat germ:
    • Rich in protein, vitamins and fibre.
  • Banana for vitality:
    • Potassium and magnesium to support the digestive system.
  • Health-promoting coconut flour and oil:
    • Valuable supplement for wellbeing.
  • Gentle manufacturing process:
    • Preserving valuable nutrients from natural sources
  • Soft consistency for all dogs:
    • Easy to portion and suitable for dogs without teeth or with a tendency to gobble their food.


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Viva Vegan

Analytical components

Protein: 10.5%, crude fat: 6%, crude ash: 3.5%, crude fibre: 3.5%


Our vegan ‘Viva Vegan’ bar is an excellent alternative for special requirements.

The main ingredient is a gluten-free mixture of sprouted wheat grains, which is rich in protein, vitamins and fibre. The banana provides your dog with potassium and magnesium and supports the digestive system. Our gluten-free mix also contains healthy coconut flour and oil.

The absence of meat makes the recipe particularly suitable for dogs with allergies or intolerances to meat products.

Thanks to our gentle manufacturing process, most of the valuable nutrients, minerals and vitamins are retained because they come from natural sources. The soft consistency allows easy portioning and makes the bar suitable for dogs without teeth, sick dogs and those that gobble their food. An absolute health booster for your four-legged friend!


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Weight 150 g


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